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Fox & Quee litter – puppies are 6 weeks old

29 September 2020

Puppies from the Fox & Quee litter are 6 weeks old nd I just had to visit them and checked how they develop. I’m super happy with this litter, all puppies are brave, inquisitive, love to be around humans. They love to playm, tug like a monsters. They are exactwszystkie szczeniaki są odważne, ciekawskie, szukające kontaktu z człowiekiem. Lubią się bawić, pięknie się szarpią. So they are exactly as they were meant to be. Below short video with little piranhas.

5 weeks old puppies, video by Aleksandra Hojeńska.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t take a few pics of the puppies. Although this is the time when taking pictures is difficult, because puppies move a bit too fast 😉

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