Fox & Sally

(Imp. Spain) Leiva’s AFRICA – Sally (description from Sally’s owner)

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
Glaucoma free
CEA, TNS, NCL – normal
GG, HUU, PLL – normal
MDR1, IGS, MH, RS – normal
Cystinuria Typ II, SN, DM – normal
Hiplaxity1, Hiplaxity2 – normal

Sally is my third daughter, balanced, brave and fearless. In everyday life she’s trouble-free. No problems with other dogs, she doesn’t provoke conflicts, but can fight for herself. She lives in a multi-species family with a cat, guinea pigs and birds. She doesn’t hunt for smaller pets. She runs off leash in the forest without fear that she will run after the wild animal. She loves people and cuddle, she is gentle and tender. She doesn’t destroy and doesn’t need a cage to calm down and rest. At work she is focused on handler and doesn’t have problems with concentration. She’s obedient, you don’t have to ask her twice do to sth.  She loves to play in the water and retrieve toys. Well motivated for food and toys. She trains rally-o, also did agility basics.  Raised in the city so noises are not a problem for her.

(Imp. Italy) BRAD PITT – FoxFox’es page

From this mating we are expecting puppies willing to cooperate with a human being, good for sport, but also trouble-free in everyday life. Puppies health is very important to us, parents have perfect hips (HD A) and elbrows (ED 0/0), healthy shoulders with no OCD sign, healthy eyes (confirmed by a certificate) and a full set of genetic tests for border collies – all normal (full test list in the litter announcement).

We are looking for active homes in which the dog is treated as a family member and future owners want to keep in touch with the breeder.