(Imp. Italy) BRAD PITT – Fox

Pedigree: Rising Sun Kill Bill x Dwin dei Matiblu, full pedigree
Birth date: September 10th 2016
Sport: Agility A2, frisbee
HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
Glaucoma free
CEA, TNS, NCL – normal
GG, HUU, PLL – normal
MDR1, IGS, MH, RS – normal
Cystinuria Typ II, SN, DM – normal
Hiplaxity1, Hiplaxity2 – normal

Fox is my once in a lifetime dog. Very powerful, he always gives 100%, no matter what we do together. He loves running and everything related to cooperation with a human. Fox has a big will to please, he will do literally everything for me. He has never had problems with motivation, works great for food and toys. He tugs like a monster. 😉 Even as a puppy he always chose to play with me than with dogs. He is a very fast learner, our trick master, during clicker session he offers many behaviors, he is persistent and doesn’t give up easily. He can handle multiple repetitions and has always a happy expression.

In agility he is fast, but at the same time does not lose the brain while running. He is excellent in distance working, very responsive to my handling. When I’m behind he reacts well to voice commands. We participated together in many agility seminars, where the coaches appreciated him for his independence and thinking on the course. Agility is our main sport, but sometimes we do some frisbee for fun. Fox naturally jumps high to discs, tracks them well, has good and fast returns (without typical border outrun after catching the disc)

In everyday life he’s an unproblematic dog. He has never showed any sign of agression, doesn’t provoke conflicts. He has very good, natural on off switch. He is full of energy on trainings, but when we have a break, he relax easly. He doesn’t need leash or crate, just lies next to me and waits for his turn. Sometimes he goes to work with me and there is no problem with staying 8 hours without any work

He is a cuddle monster at home, one of the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. He loves people (also children for which he is very delicate). He is indifferent to other dogs, when he was a puppy he used to play with other dogs. Now he prefers work with me.

He has no hunting instinct, we walk in the forest every day and met many wild animals, no dog reaction.

Videos with Fox:
1. 1st year:
2. Seminar with Stas Kurochkin:
3. Seminar with Kristina Půdova:
4. Seminar with Magda Łabieniec:
5. Debut in agility, 1st place in A1, clean exam:
6. Agility open, 2nd place:
7. A1, 1st place, clean run: