Fox & Pink

Pregnacy confirmed! We are expecting puppies around November 20th in Slovenia.

DAM: Elison’s Flower Power – Pink

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
CEA, NCL, TNS – normal
SN, GG, PLL – normal
MDR1, IGS, MH – normal
Cystinuria Type 2 – normal
(and all other tests from mydogdna – norma, except EAOD)
EAOD – carrier

Description from Pink’s owner:

Pink is my once in a lifetime dog with a lot energy who loves water and snow. Her main sport is agility (we compete in A2 class) but we also try many other activities: herding, frisbee and for fun canicross and bikejoring. Pink always gives 100% at work, she can work for food or toy (it really doesn’t matter for her). She is a great dog in everyday life, with no fears or problems with other dogs. Pink can run off leash in the forest, she never chased wild animals

SIRE: (Imp. Włochy) BRAD PITT – FoxFox’s page

From this combination we are hoping for high drive puppies, focused on working with people, with lots of energy, easy to live with.