Fox & Queezle

Fox&Queezle puppies were born on August 16th in Ścigając Wiatr kennel. We have 4 boys and 1 girl.

DAM: Cemig Queezle (ISDS 353297) – Queezle

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
Eyes clear
CEA, NCL, IGS – normal
GG, RS, SN, MDR1 – normal
TNS – carrier

Queezle is from the finest ISDS lines, she has many successful dogs in her pedigree, such as Llangwm Cap (ISDS 315270) or Roy (ISDS 266416). During herding trainings, she showed great style, she is tough but at the same time obedient and sensitive to commands. She and her owner are mostly focused on SAR  (search & rescue) trainings. She is preparing for SAR exams.
She is tough and can handle pressure very well. She has strong, natural retrieval skills. Quee has high motivation for toys, she tugs like a monster. Everything she does, she always gives 100%. She loves to be next to her humans, likes to cuddle. She has no problems with other dogs, has clear body language and is very friendly.

SIRE: (Imp. Włochy) BRAD PITT – FoxFox’s page


JACKPOT Ścigając Wiatr – Nino

JET BLACK Ścigając Wiatr – Luigi

JUMP INTO ACTION Ścigając Wiatr – Kovu

JUPITER SUNRISE Ścigając Wiatr – Jupi

JUNGLE CAT Ścigając Wiatr – Nessie