Fox & Zoe

Fox&Zoe puppies were born on August 22th 2020 in Austria, Bocorom kennel. We have 5 dark knights and 1 princess.

DAM: Von Bocorom Bozena Zoe – Zoe

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free
Eyes clear
CEA, NCL, TNS – normal

Zoe is a lovely dog with great obedience and a clear head. She is very verastile. She is mainly doing Agility (A3) but Zoe is also a search and rescue dog and has the exams BGH1, BGH2 and IPO. She also took part in a few competitions in Rally Obedience. She is a very sporty dog, willing to work all day long, giving everything and trying to make everything right. In Agility Zoe is concentrated and pays attention to gestures and at the same time she listens to the commands, but also shows independence in the parcours. Zoe really loves toys and playing with them, especially with balls and her frisbee. In everyday life she is the perfect companion, no matter where you go – she is obedient, has no problems with other dogs, runs off leash in the forest, loves water and swimming. All in all, she loves working and being with her humans, no matter what.

Videos with Zoe:

Sport achievements:
– EOJ 2018 Individual Jumping 14th Place – 0 faults
– ÖGV National Championships 2019 Individual 3rd Place
– EOJ 2019 Team Jumping 4th place
– National Championship of Upper Austria & Salzburg 2019 3rd Place A3
– National Champion Team of Upper Austria & Salzburg 2019
– and several first places in smaller competitions in Austria

SIRE: (Imp. Italy) BRAD PITT – FoxFox’s page


Von Bocorom DANGEROUS PASSION – trains agility

Von Bocorom DESTINATION OF LIFE – trains agility

Von Bocorom DAKARAI JAY – future SAR dog

Von Bocorom Damir Fairytale – future SAR dog

Von Bocorom DREAM OF MAGIC – trains agility

Von Bocorom DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY – trains agility